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i-World Property are an independent property sourcing company, for investment, resale and rental properties, offering full support from initial enquiry all the way through to receiving the keys to your property. More »
0 Bed ApartHotel in West Side Village, Hurghada - 19,964

New 5 star luxury gated development in a prime location in Hurghada city centre.

Apartments from only 19,964 to 60,000 Easy Payment Plan More »


moroccan propertyWhen we think of Morocco we automatically think of the Sahara desert, camels and cities like Marrakech or Casablanca. However, what most of us forget is that Morocco has some of the finest beaches and coastlines the Med has to offer.

Spain is just 9 miles away by sea, a short hop on one of the many ferries, yet property prices are less than half those on the Costa del Sol.

What is even better is that investors can benefit from exemption from rental tax for five years, with no inheritance tax and no capital gains if the property is sold after 10 years and introducing European standard professional practices is creating greater confidence in the buying process.


moroccan propertyThe country's close association with France (it was ruled by the French from 1912 to 1956) means that it has long been popular with French buyers.

As yet though, British buyers are still to discover Morocco's charms in any great numbers. However, this is changing as increasingly professional practices are being to appear and instil a greater confidence in the buying process.

Morocco is a country of contrasts with green plains that often surprise the first time visitor, meeting impressive mountain ranges with the highest points reaching some 4000 meters in the high Atlas. Living medieval cities such as Marrakech or Fez are amongst the most fascinating in the world and of course the vast expanses of the Sahara desert are just part of what makes Morocco special. More »


moroccan propertyWith miles of un-spoilt beaches & the same warm, sunny days experienced by other Mediterranean resorts, the attraction is clear from the outset.

As is so often the case with developing countries tourism is providing a huge draw both in foriegn visitors, currency and investment. Morocco's proximity to Europe and the low flying times has encouraged the low cost airlines to establish services to Morocco (Easyjet for example) and this will only encourage more visitors and more investment in holiday homes and property in general. More »


Whenever you but a property there are always taxes and on going costs. Here is a guide to them and why you pay them. More »


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Shared Ownership

Rising prices have meant that people wanting to own a holiday home in Spain are finding it harder to raise the finance. Shared ownership could be the answer. Unlike timeshare, you actually hold Title Deeds and own a percentage of that property.... More »

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