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Whatever you call it, sharing the ownership of a property is a cheap alternative to buying a property in Spain that you may only use a few weeks a year.

spanish property - shared ownershipRising prices have meant that people wanting to own a holiday home in Spain are finding it harder to raise the finance, and shared ownership could be the answer. Unlike timeshare, where a buyer purchases only time without ownership, ‘villa share’ schemes mean you actually hold Title Deeds and own a percentage of that property.

The days of finding a cheap property in the Costas of Spain for £50,000 are more or less over, and more and more people are turning to the idea of shared ownership which has the flexibility to choose the right option that suits their needs, appealing to retired couples, families and young couples alike.

shared ownership property costa del solThe concept has been around for many years under various labels – Villa Share Spain, Fractional Ownership Spain, Co-Ownership Spain – whatever you want to call it, but as prices escalate and consumers seek a steppingstone to the perfect holiday home in the sun, the notion of Shared Ownership in Spanish property is now gaining momentum.

Many outright owners tend only to use their property for 4-12 weeks per year, yet still have to bear the costs attached to 52 weeks. The most significant benefit of buying a property through shared ownership, is the ability to match your purchase with your expected use of a holiday home. When combined with the services and amenities of living within a self-contained resort you have very compelling reasons to consider shared ownership in Spain.

spanish property - shared ownershipUnlike timeshares or vacation clubs where only ‘week’s are bought, shared or co-ownership comes with a property deed making it a true asset that will appreciate at current market rates. Further, and more immediate returns on your investment are also possible in the form of rental income should you choose to let out any of the weeks of your occupancy plan that you decide not to use for yourself.

The shared ownership concept is based around a maximum of 4 co-owners purchasing a 13 week fixed share of a property from our carefully designed occupancy plans. The purchase works in the same way as if you were buying a property outright, except you are one of four owners who each own 25% of the property.

Unlike many of the other ‘fractional’ or ‘co-ownership’ schemes currently available where the number of owners can be as many as 12, we believe that only having a maximum of 4 owners gives the purchaser more of a tangible share of the property and the realisation of a true investment.

buying property in spain - shared ownershipTypically, those who buy into shared ownership are people who can afford to purchase outright but do not have the time to use it and don’t want the responsibilities attached to outright ownership.

Another advantage is that you can purchase a more luxurious property than you may otherwise have been unable to afford.

The occupancy plans gives you complete freedom of choice. You can choose to either block book an entire 13-week season or divide your occupancy equally over the calendar year so that you can benefit from all seasons and guarantee that your chosen plan will always include all the school holidays!!

Maintenance and care of the property can be undertaken by either an independent management company or the resort itself, eliminating many of the headaches associated with owning a property in another country.

costa del sol property - buying spanish All villa share owners are governed by the conditions set out in a pre-signed shared ownership agreement detailing procedures for any damage or misuse giving you piece of mind that your investment is still in good hands while you are not there.

All annual running costs are divided equally among the owners to cover rates, insurance, utilities standing charges, administration, periodic external repainting and maintenance of communal areas while a sinking fund provides for refurbishment of the interior of the property assuring you that it will always be maintained to a first class standard on a regular basis.

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Shared Ownership

Rising prices have meant that people wanting to own a holiday home in Spain are finding it harder to raise the finance. Shared ownership could be the answer. Unlike timeshare, you actually hold Title Deeds and own a percentage of that property.... More »

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