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Investing Advice, UK & Overseas, Jet to Let

i-World Property are an independent property sourcing company, for investment, resale and rental properties, offering full support from initial enquiry all the way through to receiving the keys to your property. More »
0 Bed ApartHotel in West Side Village, Hurghada - £19,964

New 5 star luxury gated development in a prime location in Hurghada city centre.

Apartments from only £19,964 to £60,000 Easy Payment Plan More »


urban new development property uki-World Property always have an excellent selection of investment properties available in the UK.

The UK may seem like an unlikely place to recommend investing in property, but the UK has four excellent reasons to recommend it.

The first is a thriving and firmly rooted property rental market, the second is a huge number of university towns - all those students need places to live, thirdly a a mobile workforce and finally a influx of foriegners coming to the UK to work.

Property Investment Types in the UK

off plan development property in the UKThe property type and investment opportunity vary from time to time; for example high yield, low cost homes in the North of England, which have proved so popular over the last 4/5 years with investors worldwide

We also have students lets, ‘off plan’ city centre developments or traditional buy to let property all with a wide spectrum of prices and returns.

Suffice to say that there is a good solid grounds for investing in the UK for Capital Growth, Income or a combination of the two.

Investment Returns in the UK

new development investment property UKWhatever people might tell you, there are no guaranteed investments, so returns on your property investments will always vary; the key aim is minimising risk, minimising empty time and minimising refurbishing costs.

At we take care to find out exactly what you are looking for from your investment and to find suitable properties to achieve your goals.

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Mortgage Calculator

How much that dream property or investment property will cost? Click here to use our handy mortgage calculator to work out your payments.

Shared Ownership

Rising prices have meant that people wanting to own a holiday home in Spain are finding it harder to raise the finance. Shared ownership could be the answer. Unlike timeshare, you actually hold Title Deeds and own a percentage of that property.... More »

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